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Dr. Sarosh Saleemi always appreciates feedback from her valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 6 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Sarosh Saleemi below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Great experience with both doctor and staff! Was able to improve my pain on both areas that I was experiencing the pain. The doctor explained to me in detail the processes that was needed to alleviate my pain areas! My quality of enjoying life more has improved since I started my care with Dr. Saleemi!

Nicole Z. Avatar
Nicole Z.

There are not words to express my gratitude for the care Dr. Saleemi and her staff have given me. I had been in pain management before being referred to IPA. It was a terrible experience and I left. Because of that experience I was very nervous about going back into pain management. I was having major, reconstructive knee surgery and so I was referred to IPA to manage the pain from the surgery and the rehab. It was such a good experience I felt comfortable to go ahead and stay and get treatment for my back problems and fibromyalgia. Dr. Saleemi has taken time to actually get to know me. She has shared personal experiences with me to help me grow and get my mind well along with my body. I have such respect for everyone at IPA. Dr. Saleemi and her staff are truly an answer to many prayers.

Ashley B. Avatar
Ashley B.

Dr Saleemi was a relieving experience. She spent over an hour with me looking over medical records and simply listening to MY history. She actually examined my areas of complaint. She was very helpful in trying to figure out a plan of action, as well as why I am in this condition to begin with!I highly recommend her and her staff.

Marsha P. Avatar
Marsha P.

Dr. Saleemi was instrumental in helping me find a solution to my pain. I’ve been to many doctors and she was the only one that took the time to get to know me and she became invested in improving my health. She is extremely smart and really treats people with the greatest respect. Dr. Saleemi has the ability to do great things for her patients living in pain.

elaine d. Avatar
elaine d.

I am a new patient, now established with Dr. Saleemi and she is an excellent clinician and very caring. She truly has the patient's best interest in mind. I have gone to two neurosurgeons and other doctors who were recommending surgery for my cervical pain due to the injuries I've sustained, and found this practice through my insurance in an effort to avoid the surgery. I now am hopeful that I can get better without going under the knife. Very grateful.

So W. Avatar
So W.

They don't mess around. Treatment is #1 and I haven't felt this good in a long time. My mess are working perfectly and procedures have helped immensely. Staff is awesome and caring and I'm so glad I was rendered here!

Denise R. Avatar
Denise R.

I cannot sing Dr. Saleemi's praises loudly enough. She's just wonderful. So happy to have found a pair of doctors (Dr. S along with Dr. Atencio) who are treating my neck and shoulder issues comprehensively and WITH RESULTS! Office staff is very helpful, friendly, and thorough. Definitely call and make an appointment if you're considering!

Brad B. Avatar
Brad B.

Dr. Saleemi is a great doctor. She has been very compassionate to my needs. Very smart and intelligent doctor. She takes her time to listen to my concerns. She has helped me out tremendously. She is a great doctor. I would truly recommend her! Thank you Dr. Saleemi!

R D. Avatar
R D.

I have been seeing Dr. Saleemi for several years and throughout this period, her care has been consistently excellent. Her demeanor is kind and her approach extremely thorough. Clearly, her training and background give her the ability to explore a range of possible issues and thereby address problems that other pain doctors have not been able to resolve for me. She offers specific and targeted treatments, using very sophisticated technology.From front desk, to office, to treatment room, she creates an atmosphere of trust, compassion, and extreme competence. I recommend her unreservedly to anyone seeking pain management.

sara d. Avatar
sara d.

I owe everything to Dr. Saleemi. She is so unlike any other doctor I've seen. She is friendly, understanding and remarkably knowledgeable in a huge array of issues. She not only decreased my pain to a completely livable level, she is also treating my mother and daughter. When you have 3 generations of family seeing the same doctor, you can bet that they are worthy. I would probably be dead if I hadn't met Dr. Saleemi. I cannot express how much she has done for us. I urge anyone who has pain to try go see her. She is beyond qualified and, in my opinion, safer to see then some other doctors that are trying to get into the pain management field without specific training. She has a huge arsenal that she use to help treat you, which I love since not all treatments are feasible depending on timeframe, cost and individual results. Lastly, she LISTENS to what you say. I feel like I'm part of a team with her and can tell her if anything.

Melissa C. Avatar
Melissa C.

I have been seeing Dr. Saleemi for a while now and I have never had a doctor treat me with more compassion and care. She has done several procedures on me and both times the procedure was successful and done well. I highly recommend her for your comfort and care. You will not be disappointed.

Karen K. Avatar
Karen K.

I have experienced pain that has been debilitating and taken away my quality of life. Thank goodness I found Dr. Saleemi. Not only is she very knowledgeable and professional, she uses the latest medical advances and takes a conservative approach. Most importantly, she has given me my quality of life back. Can't thank her enough! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr. Saleemi!

SWTmel 2. Avatar
SWTmel 2.

Dr Saleemi is one of the rare doctors these days that truly cares about you, not just a paycheck. She has late appointments to help her clients. She takes time to listen to you, and doesn't run you through as fast as possible. She is also one of the smartest doctors I have been around. No matter how complex my case has gotten she was one step ahead of my other doctors. She suggested that I needed to get my primary care physician to look into my thyroid, and sure enough one side needed to be removed. Time and again she has caught things that were not just pain related and steered me in the right direction to get help. So if you are looking for a doctor to help you when everyone else has failed look no farther. She will help you! I know I won't go anywhere else!

Laura J. Avatar
Laura J.

Thanks for thanking about me at this time, of this time because I'm very sick now, please pray for me

Frankie A. Avatar
Frankie A.

I have suffered migraine pain ever since I was a teenager. I have been to countless pain management doctors in Florida, Houston, San Antonio, and in Austin. Every single one just wanted to treat the pain with pills and not get to the bottom of the cause of the pain. Dr. Salemi took the time to get to know me and realize that my migraines were greatly impacted by stressors in my neck and shoulders that these pain medicines would do nothing more than mask, if even that. She has treated me for years using various therapies, including injecting the actual site of severe soreness and tightness that cannot be relieved in any other way. Everyone in the office treats me with respect and she has enabled me to return to a somewhat normal life after suffering for years with migraines only to be ridiculed by family members and coworkers. She has helped me to understand that my pain is not "in my head" and is the direct result of problems that I have with my neck, back, shoulders, and nerves. It was a total fluke finding her and I know that the hand of God was in it for me as I was at my last straw. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Suzanne S. Avatar
Suzanne S.

Dr. Saleemi was instrumental in helping me find a solution to my pain. I’ve been to many doctors and she was the only one that took the time to get to know me and she became invested in improving my health.

She is extremely smart and really treats people with the greatest respect. Dr. Saleemi has the ability to do great things for her patients living in pain.

elaine d. Avatar
elaine d.

I finally found a doctor that listens to me and genuinely cares and is compassionate about my experience. the staff does the best they can with my insurance and are really accommodating. dr. saleemi accurately diagnosed and treated my pain with respect and dignity. my pain is well treated. love this doctor's office and would reccomend to anyone!

AC Avatar

My experience with Dr. Saleemi has been wonderful. She is very caring and actually listens! Above all I've had great results with my back pain. Her office is a treat with a great relaxing atmosphere and very friendly people!I'm currently driving about five hours to reach her office because she is such a great doctor. I have referred two other family members to her and they have all had fantastic results.

M. C. Avatar
M. C.

The emphasis here is on compassionate pain care based on the individual's needs. Dr. Saleemi listens to the patient and carefully explains what she is doing and why. All of the staff make you feel welcome.

John S. Avatar
John S.

Dr. Saleemi gave me my life back. After being failed by other doctors and surgeons, Dr. Saleemi was my last hope. I could no longer stand long enough to even shower and was looking at emergency back surgery. She had me back on my feet within a week. I've been seeing her for a few years now and I'm back to my strong & healthy self. If you're thinking of getting any kind of surgery, do yourself a favor and go see her first. She will do anything within her power to fix you up!

matthew t. Avatar
matthew t.

Dr. Saleemi & her staff are wonderful. I’m a new patient & changed from one of Austin’s larger pain management practices to Dr. Saleemi’s to receive a second opinion on my medical treatment. It was a great healthcare decision. Now I’m getting the one-on-one personal care & kindness the large practice & physician didn’t offer.

Randi L. Avatar
Randi L.

dr. saleemi has kept me walking, living to the best of my potential. i credit her with living life to the fullest and as pain free as possible. my treatments are the high point of my life and have saved me from being in a wheelchair.

Mary R. Avatar
Mary R.

Dr. Saleemi is fantastic. She takes her time and listens.

Joe S. Avatar
Joe S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Saleemi for 7 years. I find Dr. Saleemi to be extremely knowledgeable regarding the treatment of her patients and their medical issues/concerns. She has helped me immensely through the years. For that reason, I continue to seek her services and guidance regardless of having moved over an hour out side of the Austin area. I stick with Dr. Saleemi for her competence and knowledge. The benefit of her treatment is well worth the monthly and/or bi-weekly drive into town. I whole heartedly recommend individuals contact Dr. Saleemi (at Interventional Pain Associates) for their pain management needs.

Evelyn J. Avatar
Evelyn J.

Dr. Saleemi is well informed and very talented in the use of innovative technology, new medication and the best treatments for pain management which can be difficult to find in spite of effective, new options in this field. I am very happy with the results of her treatments and medication recommendations which has improved my quality of life and function. She and her staff are professional and always very caring in their work. I recommend anyone who needs such care visit with Dr. Saleemi for her expertise and guidance. Judy B.

Judy B. Avatar
Judy B.

I switched to Dr. Saleemi in December 2017. I have degenerative disc disease. 6 surgeries since 1999. Two neck, 2 back and 2 knee. I had been seeing my former pain doctor since 2013. In the first few visits with Dr. Saleemi we have talked about more options for me then I had any idea were available. We have completed one of the option and it is a success. On to the next.I also had been left on fentyal patches by my former doctor for years and she got me off that deadly stuff and I'm now on new medicine that she is monitoring closely. I feel like myself again.I'm 57 and have had many doctors. She is one of the best.

Dawn G. Avatar
Dawn G.

I have had chronic back pain for 15+ years. I've gone to 3 it 4 different pain management doctors but have never found relief till IPA. I drive a bus for a living and recently injured my shoulder. I could not use my right arm at all. After months of suffering I had a PRP. Not gonna lie, it hurt at first but the next day I had about a 40% improvement. After a week about 70% and at 2 weeks 95%. Definitely recommend if your suffering from burcitius.

Jason B. Avatar
Jason B.

I've been a patient of Dr Saleemi's for seven years and her care has been excellent. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for pain management care. I actually sing her praises all the time!

Webster R. Avatar
Webster R.

Dr. Saleemi is the best doctor I've ever been seen. She takes her time, truly cares for the patient and is incredibly smart and sympathetic. I referred my mother and daughter to her and both have had the same great treatment from her. Her treatments work and she has an uncanny way of diagnosing exactly what you suffer from and what will work. I've NEVER left her office feeling frustrated as I've done with other doctors.

Melissa C. Avatar
Melissa C.

When you go to a health care professional, you look for certain key things during your first initial visit. First impressions are key for me. In this case, Dr. Saleemi fulfilled my initial hopes and continued to fulfill thereon out. She cares. She studies and assesses your ailments through a series of questions. Questions I have never been asked before by a doctor. Questions that were so key in 1 - finding the root of my issues and 2 - making me feel at ease with her explications. Root meaning beyond the typical routine questions like diet, smoking, drinking. Her questions entailed lifestyle, sleep levels, relationships (work and personal) etc. From that, she proceeded by following up with medical and professional inquiries that allowed her to deduce and narrow down possible key causes of my issues. She cared. She dug deep and took her time. Her staff is well read, current with all procedures and continued education, as well as, delightful and courteous. Courteous of our time and respectful of our finances.

Dr. Saleemi is an angel in a lab coat. She will work hard to keep you confortable and healthy and she's never afraid to be brutally honest with you. THAT is how a doctor - with a patient's best interest in mind - should always perform. She is an example that all MDs should follow not only in her skill and intelectual strengths, but her spirit and dedication to her patients as well.

Thank you Dr. Saleemi for being on my side when times get rough. You are a gem.

Gustavo A. Avatar
Gustavo A.

She gets it!

nancy w. Avatar
nancy w.

With many years of practice as a physician, I can achieve good control of diabetes. Good control of hypertension get rid of infectious fevers. But I fail to control there pain. Mainly osteoarthritis and neuropathic pain. I have to change pain prescription every now and then.

Fazal U. Avatar
Fazal U.

Love that Front Desk GUY, he is really good at his job

Joshua T. Avatar
Joshua T.

In a nutshell, my first appointment with Doctor saleemi she diagnosed my piriformis which is over the sciatic nerve combined with my scoliosis caused pressure and has been inflamed for years. My first procedure was today 4/23/18 I will keep this review active with my progress.Day 1. First time in years pain free.Procedure was probably 10-15 minutes.Very comfortable procedure.Real nice recovery room with TV, magazines, pillow and blanket.Extremely clean, comfortable and orderly office and O.R.Friendly and helpful staff.❤️ this Doctor.She definitely knows her stuff.Interventional pain assoc. Is located on FM 2222 Between RR 620 and Capitol of Texas Hwy (360)A little history:My primary is at ADC and they said there was nothing more they could do for me and referred me to a pain specialist and I wanted a specialist out of their Network.I believe Dr. Saleemi is the only woman pain specialist in Austin.On thee occasions, in public, I could not put an ounce on my left leg. It only lasted about five minutes but it was very scary.I have been in discomfort since I was 13 when I was diagnosed with scoliosis. I am now 61 and a few years ago the discomfort turned into conic pain.About mid 50's I started having what I thought and was told by Docters was sciatic nerve pain. Even though I always told the doctors it NEVER ran down my leg, and that the pain was just in my left glute. I just got a copy of my MRI from 2014. Back then I was told that the MRI didn't show anything. Below is a photo of my results. And what I JUST found out. Over the years I have two steroid injections the first one was fine and I had a little relief that only lasted 3-5 months. The second injection was a nightmare, so painful I swore I would never have another.More years, no relief but lots of pills.Only someone in pain will appreciate my detail.Photos show piriformis and sciatic, scoliosis and how combined caused my pain.Also my MRI report. Had no idea I had two bulging discs as well.

Cookie B. Avatar
Cookie B.

I have never written a review before because, to be honest, I have never really put much credibility in reviews. However, I am hoping that by sharing my experience with Dr. Saleemi, someone else will be helped as much as I have been.
I have had chronic pain for almost 14 years now. When my first pain management doctor moved out of state and a different doctor inherited my chart, I realized just how different doctor’s treatment methods could be. After leaving that facility, it has seemed the doctors have been trying only to manage the pain but not really attempting to find what is causing the pain. I have had doctors who recommend procedures to try only because it helped someone else without a second thought as to whether that patient’s damage is comparable to what the damage in my back happens to be. I would still try the procedure because I hoped it might work for more than just a month, which it seldom did. Finally acknowledging I was in a rut, I left my doctor after 6 years and was very lucky to find Dr. Saleemi.
My first appointment felt like my first time at a doctor’s office with the difference being she had plans beyond the first procedure. Now I know that sounds strange but for years I have lived on the words “we’ll wait and see” without any plans beyond the one. She talked of what the first procedure was to do, then what the second procedure would do and even the third procedure. When she mentioned using Botox, it was the first time anyone ever mentioned using Botox for back pain! I left for home after that first meeting in tears and for once, it was not because of the pain…I was given a plan for battle against the pain!
Since our first visit at the end of August 2014 to now at the end of March 2015, we have been able to cut my pain medication almost in half! I have been able to walk miles instead of just a turn around the grocery store and I can lift my legs so high it makes me feel like I’m a prancing horse! I am not going to tell you it has been easy getting here because it has not, but Dr. Saleemi explained that it was going to get worse before it gets better and she wasn’t wrong about either one! The best way I can describe how she was able to help is because she started at the beginning. It is like the second step would not work without the first and she continued patiently and methodically. She is straightforward with her communication, knowledgeable in the most up to date procedures, and is so well organized that all appointments are scheduled before our visit is over.
Thank you Dr. Saleemi for all you have done and I look forward to walking with you into the future!

Cassie E. Avatar
Cassie E.