COVID-19: How to Maintain Wellness During Quarantine

COVID-19 has most of us staying put in our homes all day each day. Not only are we now working from home, but also having to manage taking care of children, chores, and more while only leaving home for essential trips. Though gyms aren’t open, you can still maintain wellness while at home.


Maintain Wellness at Home

While you’re at home, we encourage you to focus on your overall health – this includes your physical and mental health. Staying home all day everyday can take a toll on our wellbeing, but we’re here with some tips on how you can keep yourself healthy all around. 

Physical Health

The gyms are closed, workout classes are cancelled, which means if you want a good workout you have to do it at home. If you’re struggling to get into a workout routine at home, follow these tips!

  • Try and get it done first thing when you wake up. Working out will not only help wake you up, but it will also mean you get it out of the way and won’t have to worry about it the rest of the day. 
  • Use your bodyweight. Don’t worry if you don’t have dumbbells or other kinds of equipment. Regardless, you can get a good workout in without it. If you’re really wanting to add some extra weight to your workout, use what you have around the house. Think: soup cans or water bottles. 
  • Get online! The internet is a great resource when trying to find workouts you can do at home. You can find yoga classes, pilates, and body-part specific workouts right at the click of a button. If you need some inspiration, try one of these at-home workouts (that require no equipment) from Self. 

Maintaining your physical health at home not only will help keep your body in shape, but it also will help your mental health. 

Mental Health 

It can be hard to stay positive during this time of uncertainty. While we’re in the middle of a pandemic, it can be easy to become negative and focus on the bad. However, it will be beneficial to you to look over your mental health. The Mental Health Foundation provides these tips to look after your mental health:

  • Talk about your feelings: be sure you stay in touch with your loved ones through texts, FaceTime, social media, or phone calls. If you’re feeling troubled emotions, be sure to convey that to those who care about you. It will help get it off your chest, and they’ll be able to help encourage you through these times. 
  • Stay active: like we mentioned above, maintaining your physical health is as important now as ever. The foundation states that working out can help you become more confident, concentrate better, and sleep better too. 
  • Eat well: though going to the grocery store is tough right now, when you go, try to stock up on healthy foods. Try frozen fruits and veggies that won’t go bad as quickly as fresh produce, and you’ll be able to make them last longer through this health crisis. Nutrients are essential to your body’s overall function. A good diet will not only help your physical health, but your mental health too. 
  • Drink sensibly: Don’t rely on alcohol to feel better during this time. It might alter your mood temporarily, but you’ll feel just as bad – or worse – when the alcohol wears off. 
  • Ask for help: If you are feeling tired or overwhelmed by your feelings, ask for help. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, and your loved ones will be able to help you see what’s going on from another perspective. If you need local services, many therapists and counselors are offering video call appointments during this time. 

Maintain Wellness with Immunity Boosting

If you take all the steps above but feel like your immunity and health is still missing something, consider IV therapy with Interventional Pain Associates. IV therapies can help boost brain power, fight aging, control stress, and even help with chronic fatigue or pain. If you want to learn more, Dr. Saleemi is offering telemedicine services for medical pain management now. 

Call Interventional Pain Associates

Dr. Saleemi and our team here at Interventional Pain Associates are here to help you during this time. Your health is of top priority and we want to help you maintain wellness. If you’re interested in learning more about wellness or IV therapy, call to make an appointment today at (512)-795-7575.