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Pain Management Most Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I have to take medications every day?

Medicine management is an important part of treating chronic pain. The medications we prescribe depend wholly on your condition. Pain medicines are frequently needed as an adjuvant to treatment and to decrease the neuroplastic changes in the brain, also known as the memory of pain.

2. What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain occurs when your aches and pains go beyond the normal period of recovery. Usually if you’ve been suffering for more than a month, you’re experiencing chronic pain, and while it may not be constant, it can incessantly interfere with your normal activities.

3. Is the pain all in my head?

Unfortunately, thousands who suffer from chronic pain (like the patients who suffer from fibromyalgia or migraines) are told that it could be psychological in nature, or that they must simply learn to live with it from day to day. At Interventional Pain Associates, we understand that it is not just your mind causing the pain, but there are serious underlying problems/pain generators which need to be treated. The pain you feel is not always in the place that is causing it. We will use the latest diagnostic procedures to help ensure you get the real pain relief you need right away.

4. Is surgery necessary?

In many cases, surgery is not necessary to help alleviate your pain. We specialize in non-invasive procedures to help you manage your pain from day to day without the need for spinal cord stimulator implants.

5. What makes Interventional Pain Associates Different?

We go beyond simply treating the symptoms. Interventional Pain Associates strives to find the cause of pain so we can offer you better solutions. We guarantee you will see the doctor to evaluate and discuss your current situation, and not just meet with a nurse or a physician’s assistant as many other practices in town do. You will be given individualized care and a customized treatment plan which is focused on making you more functional. We strive to find the true meaning of your pain and are committed to treating the multi-dimensional aspects of your chronic pain and their effects on your life.

6. Why Interventional Pain Associates?

Compassion and experience set us apart from many other pain clinics. Dr.Saleemi is fellowship trained and board-certified in Pain management. She is dedicated to continually use today’s latest pain management therapies (Botox, PRP, radio frequency ablations etc.) to help ensure you get the comprehensive care necessary to live your life the way you like.

7. Should I tell my medical provider that I am having pain?

Yes. Your health care provider needs to assess your pain, so it is very important for your health care team to know if you are in pain.

8. How should I describe my pain to my doctor?

Describe your pain clearly and in as much detail as possible. Most doctors and nurses ask you to describe your level of pain on a scale.


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