Your Pain May Indicate Vitamin D Deficiency

Could it be that the aches and pains that plague you each morning or that leave you tossing and turning at night are related to your diet? It very well could be true.

In fact, that pain could even be related to the number of hours you spend soaking up sunlight each day. These correlations are pointed out by a recent study that involved one hundred-fifty people or varying ages. Each participant suffered from inexplicable muscle and bone pain.

Nearly every person involved in the study was found to be vitamin-D deficient. This essential dietary element is also absorbed by the body when in direct contact with sunlight. Most of the vitamin D the body needs will actually be received in this manner, which means that those who avoid the outdoors, who hideaway under umbrellas, or who don thick coats of sun block regularly, might actually be depriving themselves of an essential vitamin. Today, vitamin D deficiencies are very common.

At Interventional Pain Associates, we understand the importance of having the proper amount of vitamins and minerals are essential for a healthy lifestyle and managing pain.

If you fear that leaving your skin unprotected against the rays is asking to be diagnosed with cancer, you may want to think again. While sun block is advised for long spurts spent outdoors, some unprotected exposure might actually limit the risk of cancer that a person faces. Links have been drawn between proper vitamin D levels and decreased risk of prostate-, colon-, and breast cancer, as well as many other common diseases. For these reasons, all people – especially those suffering from unexplained, chronic pain – should be tested for vitamin D deficiency.

To read more about this study, visit the full article.

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