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What Most People Don’t Understand About Chronic Health Conditions

What Most People Don’t Understand About Chronic Health Conditions

Chronic health conditions affect more than your physical health. These ongoing health problems affect your ability to go to work, spend time with friends and family, and take care of your daily needs.

What most people don’t understand about chronic health conditions is that you still have control.

At Interventional Pain Associates, our pain specialist, Dr. Sarosh Saleemi, understands how chronic health conditions like fibromyalgia, low back pain, neck pain, and headaches seep into every area of life. When it comes to patient care, she takes a holistic approach, managing physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Here, we want to talk about what most people don’t understand about chronic health conditions and the steps anyone can take to change their thinking and health.

About chronic health conditions

Chronic health conditions include any illness that lasts a year or more and requires ongoing medical care or affects how you live your life, or both. These conditions are complex, causing physical symptoms that often affect emotional and psychological well-being.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic health condition that causes all-over body pain and fatigue that makes it hard to sleep, work, and socialize, leading to mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. 

These symptoms aren’t limited to people with chronic pain. People with diabetes, heart disease, and chronic kidney disease (CKD) also experience symptoms that affect how they live their lives.

Living with chronic health conditions

When you have a chronic health condition, your life revolves around the medications, treatments, and therapies you need to manage symptoms. Despite your best efforts, you may find that many of these medical interventions fail to really help keep your symptoms under control. This may increase your stress level, exacerbating your symptoms.

Chronic health conditions don’t fix themselves, and medications, therapies, and procedures may only serve as a temporary fix. That’s why chronic health conditions often lead to disability and a decrease in quality of life. 

Holistic approach to chronic diseases

Yes, most chronic health conditions are with you for life. But they don’t have to run your life. What most people with chronic health conditions don’t understand is that they can take back control of their life. It takes effort and the right support, but you can live a full and happy life with a chronic health condition.

Here at Interventional Pain Associates, Dr. Saleemi takes a holistic approach to chronic disease. She wants to know how your illness affects every aspect of your life, and then she creates plans that address all those areas.

In addition to medication and procedures, she incorporates nutrition, exercise, stress management, and behavioral therapy into her treatment plans. These therapies help you regain control over your health and well-being.

What most people don’t understand about chronic health conditions is that they’re still in control. They can take steps to improve their health, symptoms, and quality of life. But they need the right support. 

Let us help you take back control of your life and your health. Call our office or click the “book online” button to make an appointment today.

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