What is the Vampire Facial®?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has become a sensation in recent years because of its ability to promote healing. A PRP facial, often nicknamed the Vampire Facial®, is used to help improve your facial skin by toning and tightening. We’ll walk you through the steps of a PRP facial and what you can expect. 

What is Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelets are blood cells that have several different jobs within our bodies. Those jobs include promoting blood clotting so you don’t over-bleed when you get a cut and they also contain proteins that help heal wounds.

Researchers believe that by injecting high concentrations of platelets into inflamed areas, or damaged tissues, can promote wound healing.

How Does PRP Work?

According to Medical News Today, a small sample of blood is drawn from the patient being treated and put into a centrifuge or other similar device that will spin it at high speeds. This is what separates platelets from other aspects of the blood. This high concentration of platelets in then injected into the area of the patient’s body that needs to be treated.

Due to the high concentration of platelets, often 5-10x more than untreated blood, doctors believe this will speed up healing.

Benefits of PRP

PRP has several different benefits when injected back into the body. These benefits include:

Another popular treatment used with PRP is the Vampire Facial®. Don’t run away because of the name, keep reading to hear about the results that can come from one of these facials.

PRP Facials

This facial is often called by the nickname Vampire Facial®. This facial is used to rejuvenate the face and give you a youthful fresh-faced glow. This procedure allows you to skip the expensive creams and more that tend to show very minimal results. In most cases, the Vampire Facial® has four steps:

  1. Your doctor will draw your blood and isolate the platelets by using a machine that spins the blood and separates the platelets from the other components of the blood.
  2. Then, the doctor will then use a micro-needling device to create multiple micro-punctures that drive the isolated growth factors (the platelets) into the skin, which tightens and rejuvenates the collagen in your face
  3. Next, the platelets will be placed onto the micro-punctures so they can soak into the skin for further stimulation
  4. Last but not least is recovery. These platelets will activate stem cells that are already in your skin by making them think there’s been an injury, this results in new, younger, tissue developing.

How Long Does it Take and How Long Do Results Last?

The procedure can be done within one appointment, meaning you won’t have to come back over and over again to see results. We draw your blood, spin it, inject it, then get you on your way.

You can expect the results from your PRP facial to keep developing for 2-3 months after the procedure. Once this period is over, the finished results will keep for 1-2 years. You’ll be glowing in no time – and for a long time!

Is the PRP Facial For Everyone?

This facial is perfect for those with premature wrinkles or sun damage. It’s also a good option for those people who want to even out the overall tone and appearance to their skin. However, it’s not a good option for you if you have a history of blood diseases, clotting, or bleeding disorders.

Potential Risks

There aren’t many risks to getting the PRP facial. In most cases, the only side effect is bruising from the microneedling. Other than the minor discomfort a patient might feel during the procedure, it has little to no downtime.

We will go over all the potential risks and benefits with you at your appointment. However, we believe that the benefits far outweigh the risks that come along with the PRP facial.

PRP Facial with Interventional Pain Associates

Here at Interventional Pain Associates, we use the revolutionary Mesogun delivery system, which helps us provide a PRP facial like no one else can. Call us today at 512-795-7575 to make an appointment for your PRP facial. We will give you the youthful glow you’ve been dreaming of!

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