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What is Nutritional IV Therapy?

Treating our bodies correctly has always been important. And now, it's more necessary than ever to ensure that we are incorporating everything possible for optimal health. As the environment continues to change and our foods are becoming less nutrient-dense, how can we know for certain that our bodies are getting all the nutrients we need? One way is through supplementation! But did you know that sometimes our digestive systems cannot properly break down or absorb all of those very substantial micro-and macro-nutrients?

Aside from certain conditions like auto-immune disease or leaky gut that make it difficult to absorb vitamins, our stomach’s natural digestive process just isn’t sufficient enough to get everything we need out of the vitamins that might be filling our cabinets. Here at IPA Clinic, we are excited to offer Nutritional IV Therapy to our patients. We'd love to share some reasons why you should be excited, too!
What is Nutritional IV Therapy?
IV Therapy instantly infuses your bloodstream and body with 100% of the nutrients and hydration that are combined in your prepared IV bag. We use the purest available ingredients such as Vitamin C, B-complex, calcium, magnesium, selenium, and Vitamin 12. By completely bypassing the digestive process, you’ll experience a quick and very effective impact. We have created a variety of IV Drip therapies to meet your nutritional and health needs, as well as IV Ketamine Therapy which also has many benefits on the body! These therapies are ideal for:
-overall wellness
-immune function
-digestive health
-autoimmune conditions
-metabolism support
-anti aging
-skin health
-blood flow
-heart health
-and more!

No matter where you are in your health journey, IV Therapy is a great addition to boost your overall health and well-being. Call us today to schedule your appointment! 

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