What is a Ganglion?

Have you developed a strange, consistent swelling, bump, or other sort of growth? Are you looking for answers? It could be that your body has produced a ganglion, which appears as swelling or a sort of cyst. It forms from the tissue of a joint or tendon and can grow rather large. The tissue that forms the ganglion (also referred to as a ganglion cyst) is responsible for producing a type of fluid that acts as lubrication for the joint, but when that fluid doesn’t flow properly, a ganglion can result.

Ganglia can form around any joint. In most cases, patients who report to the doctor regarding the strange growths have them on their wrists or ankles. The good news is that ganglion cysts are not painful – in most cases. In fact, in many cases, they will rupture and disappear without any interference. However, if it becomes troubling or uncomfortable, a needle and syringe can be used to extract the excess fluid. This may be accompanied by an injection of medication as well. This process will alleviate the problem, but it could potentially occur again.

In rare cases, ganglia can become quite large, painful, or may become recurring. In these instances, surgery may be decided necessary to remove the entire growth. Because they can be a sign of impending arthritis – the joint may not be getting the lubrication it needs, which leads to the damage known as arthritis – patients having more than one ganglia occurring around the same joint should be evaluated regularly for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

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