What condition is causing your chronic neck pain?

There are many potential causes of discomfort in the neck and it can often seem as if the process followed to find the source of the pain is taking forever. The truth is that doctors must follow several steps to rule out a variety of the potential causes before arriving at a meaningful answer.

The truth is that there are so many possible explanations for neck pain that doctors must weed through massive piles of potential diagnoses before arriving at the one that fits. In order to do that, they will typically undergo a series of investigative exams.

To kick them all off, as a neck pain patient, you can expect a thorough medical history review. While many think of a piece of paper with a list of questions to be answered, when hearing the words ‘medical history’, a good doctor will look much further than what can fit on that blank sheet.

Genetic disorders might not be considered as a potential match for the symptom, or can be entirely overlooked by a sufferer, but doctors are trained to note the red flags that exist in the past. This is also a time for the doctor to inspect the area of concern. The neck moves in many different directions. If pain spikes in certain positions, then the list of potential sources can be narrowed down further.

He or she should also ask about when the pain started, what seems to make it better or worse, and how tolerable it is throughout the day. These questions, which will typically be followed up by x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, or discogram tests, can all work together in the process of finding the answer that you deserve.

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