Video Games May Impact Joint Health in Children

A recent study is giving further prove to the dangers of excessive use of video game systems by young individuals. The research involved 257 participants at two US high schools. It was found that increased pain levels were reported after the extended use of handheld video game and smartphone systems. Researchers suspect that this is a very solid indication of the type of damage being done to the joints internally.

While all devices used in the study showed some level of associated discomfort in the participants, cell phones – such as the iPhone – did not fare as poorly as gaming systems, like the Xbox and Gameboy. Perhaps not surprisingly, given other statistics regarding chronic conditions, female students reported more pain than their male counterparts. Specifically, it was the wrists, hands and fingers that were of interest, as these areas are directly impacted during use of the portable systems. Furthermore, they are highly prone to the effects of arthritis later in life.

Through the use of a survey system in the form of a direct questionnaire, researchers were able to point to the direct connections. More studies will be required in order to determine the level of damage done during use of these sorts of devices. The likelihood that the use of the games will lead to increased risk of arthritis is not entirely known, but is generally suspected.

For more information about this study, visit the full article at here.

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