Use this Willpower Experiment to Improve Health

What would it take to make you eat a handful of curried grasshoppers? What if someone paid you to do it? What if you were simply told that the once hopping critters are full of nutrients needed to battle the most feared diseases today?

This latter question was the basis of a 2009 study, which aimed to determine how easily convinced people could be by information regarding the healthy benefits of food products. What would need to be said in order to deter a person from reaching for the chips and instead choosing something healthier, or even a curried grasshopper?

Now the findings, which did, in fact, determine that people are enticed by promises of improved health, are being used in marketing efforts. It has been discovered that getting a person to just approach a less desirable product is often enough to convince them to try it. This is a very important concept in grocery stores, where shoppers are likely to turn a shoulder to those products considered unfamiliar or less tasty.

Knowing this, the average person can also retrain him- or herself to make smarter choices that call for willpower. Actively stepping toward the less desirable option may be enough to sway your brain into fully considering the benefits of choosing it. On the other hand, avoiding the naughty temptation, not allowing yourself to make contact with it can prevent a poor decision, whether it is procrastination or ‘falling off the wagon’.

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