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Trouble sleeping? You may be at risk for fibromyalgia

Have you been diagnosed with insomnia? Do you have difficulty falling asleep at night, or trouble staying asleep once the nighttime hours have set in?

These common problems may put you at higher risk for a very uncomfortable disorder, known as fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia affects millions of Americans and is most commonly seen in middle-aged women. Nine in ten people suffering with this chronic pain disorder are female and it has long been known that the condition has symptoms related with sleep disorders. However, the question of which came first was never truly answered.

Today, however, with the recent announcement of research findings, that question may be resolved.

More than twelve thousand women, over the age of twenty years, were selected for the study. None suffered from pain-related conditions at the start of the research project. It was discovered at the time of follow-up that those who had regular complaints of sleep loss and insomnia were far more likely to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia later in life. More than three hundred of the women developed the symptoms of pain and discomfort. The correlation was even more notable in the females who were over the age of forty-five years.

More studies are needed to determine if sleep disorders are truly a predictor or cause of fibromyalgia.

For more information on these findings, read the full article here

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