Study Shows Reduced Juvenile Fibromyalgia Symptoms with Cognitive Behavior Therapy

For kids suffering with juvenile fibromyalgia syndrome, everyday life can be extremely trying.

Like adult forms of the condition, juvenile fibromyalgia is more likely to attack girls on a much more frequent basis than it does boys. The widespread pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbances can wreak havoc on a child’s emotional and educational well being.

A recent trial has demonstrated that cognitive-behavioral therapy might be enough to reduce functional disabilities and also improve the patient’s emotional status. The study was led by Dr. Susmita Kashikar-Zuck of the Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

The researchers followed the one hundred-fourteen adolescents for four years. Patients were randomly assigned to one of two groups. The first received formal cognitive-behavioral therapy and the second received basic fibromyalgia education. Patients ranged in age from eleven to eighteen years.

While both groups showed improvement, those receiving cognitive-behavioral therapy reported significantly fewer symptoms of functional disability; a 37% improvement was reported. This was compared to just twelve percent improvement for those who attended basic fibromyalgia education.

Researchers reported that more than eighty-five percent of participants attended all therapy sessions and were happy to find that cognitive-behavioral therapy provided a safe form of effective treatment for the children suffering from juvenile fibromyalgia. If you’re interested to learn more about how we treat fibromyalgia at Interventional Pain Associates in Austin, contact us via phone or email.

For more information on this study and the related findings, keep reading at the full article.

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