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Steps to Diagnosing Back Pain

Have you been suffering with unexplained pain in your neck or back?

If so, you are among millions of other Americans who complain of the same sort of discomfort. Despite the fact that so many share similar symptoms, the diagnosis is rarely clear cut. In many instances, the treating physicians must go through a series of processes to determine the source of the pain. At Interventional Pain Associates, we offer back pain diagnosis which you can read more about on our website.

Your diagnosis begins with a medical history, which research the possibility of genetic factors, as well as answering in depth questions about the time of pain onset, positions of activities that make it worse or better. The doctor will also ask about previous treatments that might have been used and surgeries (related or otherwise) that were performed on the individual. This is also a time when the physician will examine the individual, checking for nerve damage and any notable loss of strength.

Pain in certain positions can alert the physician to a probably cause. For this reason, the physical examination will often involve the patient being asked to move in a variety of different ways. After which, it might be necessary to go through a series of diagnostic tests, such CT or MRI scans, as well as a discogram to study the individual disks of the spine. These tests provide detailed images of the body for the doctor to examine for the sake of more informed diagnoses.

For more information about the exam procedures, visit www.spine-health.com

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