Researchers Link Smoking to Chronic Pain in Women

Before you pick up that next cigarette, you might want to stop and consider how it is affecting your pain flares. A team of researchers from Kentucky University have found proof that musculoskeletal pain may be made worse in women when smoking.

There were more than six thousand participants in the survey, which questioned individuals smoking habits and about chronic pain. The participants were asked to report if they suffered from fibromyalgia, sciatica, chronic neck pain, chronic back pain, joint pain, chronic headaches, nerve problems, or unexplained pain all over the body.

The findings demonstrated that smokers were at a much greater risk of the pain related conditions. Even those who had made the decision to quit the habit, were more likely than non-smokers to report at least one of the above mentioned health issues. Those who were occasional smokers saw a sixty-eight percent increased likelihood and daily smokers were more than twice as likely as non-smokers to suffer from chronic pain. These findings were substantial, pointing to the fact that smoking was more of a determining factor that age. 

Researchers are not entirely sure why the connection is as strong as it is. Some suspect that the toxins in cigarettes are to blame for some of the pain and suffering, while others suggest that the smoking might be a coping mechanism. More studies will be needed to reach a conclusion.

For now, the evidence should be strong enough for some pain sufferers to re-evaluate their decision to light up.

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