Occupational Therapy for Chronic Pain

What is an Occupational Therapist?

The role of these well trained and schooled individuals is to help injured or physically disabled individuals build up a tolerance for everyday tasks. This is a rather complex process, which involves, first, identifying the activities that are most aggravating to the individual, finding alternative ways of handling the same task, discovering different ways to calm pain or discomfort with less (or without) pain medication, and making recommendations for products that might assist in performing well day-to-day.

What Can OT do for Chronic Pain Patients?

Occupational therapists can be very beneficial team members for those who face chronic pain. With the help of this professional guide, a person can learn more about the flare ups and what might be causing them. In finding these answers, he or she can make a plan to avoid those movements or actions that are adding to the level of discomfort. Often that doesn’t mean giving up certain activities, but rather learning and adapting the way he or she moves while doing it to prevent aggravation. This could be something as simple as altering the way he or she gets out of bed in the morning or it might be more involved, like rearranging an office space or incorporating new furniture to better support the body. Additionally, methods of reducing the pain during flares can be discussed, so the individual can have better quality of life despite the diagnosis of chronic pain.

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