NeuralScan: Get to the Root Problem of Your Discomfort

Pain affects more than just your physical health. Along with physical health, pain can also affect your mind and spirit. But don’t fret, we can help with the NeuralScan. When you are suffering from discomfort, finding relief is usually your top priority.

The first step in finding a pain management regimen for you is working to find the root cause of the pain. Sometimes MRI’s or X-rays are used, but at Interventional Pain Associates, we use a NeuralScan. Along with helping look for pain causes, this device is also a non-invasive procedure that yields a 95% sensitivity level and gives immediate results.

What is a NeuralScan?

Being the main practice in town that offers the NeuralScan, we can help find the endpoint and reduce your pain most efficiently. NeuralScan is able to help healthcare providers, like Dr. Saleemi here at Interventional Pain Associates, with data. This data measures biomarkers. Dr. Saleemi has found that using the NeuralScan can also help treat nerve-root disorder symptoms that have been misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia. 

Fibromyalgia vs. Nerve-Root Disorders

Fibromyalgia is a soft-tissue disorder that is usually widespread across the body. Along with widespread pain, patients who suffer from fibromyalgia often have muscle pain, tenderness, and extreme fatigue. Other symptoms can include:

Nerve-root disorders happen when nerves have been compressed, or damaged, in the spine. Our nerves make up our nervous system, which means they carry and send messages throughout the body. When a nerve in the spine is damaged, it can cause symptoms like:

Common causes of nerve-root pain come from conditions such as:

Nerve-root + Fibromyalgia Problems and Neural Scan

We have found that the NeuralScan can help diagnose nerve-root complications. In some cases, these have been previously diagnosed as fibromyalgia. In a study conducted by Dr. Saleemi, NeuralScan found that nine out of ten fibromyalgia patients had nerve root involvement. When these patients were treated for nerve-root problems, almost all had a good response to treatment and had diminished symptoms.


We use a holistic approach to pain management. Here, you will receive an individualized treatment plan to best fit your needs. Over the years, we have found a variety of therapeutic techniques that help relieve pain and promote long-term healing. All treatments offered are done in our office. These treatments can include:

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