Most Common Auto Accident Injuries

In this country, being in a car accident is nothing short of ordinary. Nearly every American citizen has been, will be, or will know someone who has been in a serious crash. Thus, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that vehicle accidents are a leading cause of disabling injuries. In fact, it was found by the National Safety Council that of the twelve million car accidents each year one-sixth of them result in at least one party leaving the scene with a disabling injury, many of which can be treated at Interventional Pain Associates in Austin.

As for those who are fortunate to avoid an auto accident during their years on the road, they are among very few. The typical driver narrowly avoids accident approximately once per month and will succumb to the unavoidable once every six years. Given these statistics, it is a little easier to grasp how, in this country alone, vehicle accidents can account for more than three hundred billion dollars in spending in a single year.

When the accident does involve serious injury, it is most often the injured party’s insurance or that of the other driver that will bear the cost. In some instances, health insurance will foot the bill. It doesn’t take much, when behind the wheel, to wind up negotiating the payments. It was found that a crash at a speed of as little as five miles per hour could cause cervical injury. The signs and symptoms of those injuries may take several days, or even weeks to present themselves. The vast majority of spinal injuries do not have immediate symptoms, but that does not mean that the damage isn’t serious.

For more information, read more vehicle accident facts at the full article.

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