How Fibromyalgia Pain is Soothed with Music Therapy

For patients who suffer with Fibromyalgia, the world can seem a very daunting and difficult place to live, but researchers are now saying that some of the tension, pain, and fatigue associated with the disorder can be alleviated by simply listening to the right type of music.

After an initial basal test, participants were instructed to listen to a CD at home. At the four week post-basal test, researchers measured pain intensity, quality of life, anxiety, sleeping issues, and more. This was done again at an eight week post-basal test.

The outcome was a significant decrease in symptoms for those who listened to the music regularly, making experts believe that the art of relaxation with the help of musical therapy could make a large impact on the status of the millions of people who live with this chronic pain condition. They also went on to assert that further investigation is necessary to determine what other variables may be at play.

Furthermore, they suggest that a lot of the success hinges on the patient’s willingness to take an active part in the treatment. We discuss more fibromyalgia lifestyle tips on our website and the positive impact they can make on the success of your treatment.

The leading researcher of this study, Maria Dolores Onieva Zfra works with the Department of Nursing of the University of Granada. The patients studied lived in the provinces of Granada, America, and Cordoba, Spain. The results were published in the Pain Management Nursing journal.

For more information on the study and the findings, continue reading at the full article.

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