How Austin Drivers Can Avoid Auto Accident Injury: Distracted Driving Facts

The term ‘DD’ is commonly heard in bars, restaurants, and parties today, but, while people are being more responsible in one facet of driving, many are doing anything but acting safe on the roadway.

Distracted driving is like a fast spreading epidemic, which has claimed many lives and caused serious injury to many others. In fact, the use of a cell phone during the time of an accident was evident in twenty-five percent of all car crashes in 2009. More than five thousand lives were claimed that same year as a result of distracted driving.

It has been figured that nine of every one hundred drivers on the road, at any particular moment, will be in the midst of a phone call. The decision to pick up the phone while in the car increases one’s odds of being involved in an accident four times greater.

The brain must divide its attention between the conversation and the road, which slows reaction time. The danger becomes much worse when the eyes leave the road, even for mere seconds, to dial, text, email, or otherwise utilize a cell phone.

It is not a bad thing to bring a phone along for the ride. A huge portion of the driving population does each and every time they get behind the wheel.

What counts is making the decision to ignore incoming calls, to wait to speak, text, email, or social network until you are safely parked. If more people in this country, and around the world, made that conscious choice, then thousands of accidents could be avoided each year.

We see many patients at our clinic who are suffering with pain due to an auto-accident, many of which could have been avoided if more people in our community practiced safe driving.

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