Fibromyalgia: Tips For Enjoying Intimacy Again

Pain is horrible in so many ways. While it serves a purpose and can help defend a person against more serious injury, it is considered the enemy when it won’t cease. Patients of Fibromyalgia know this as well as anyone. Among the many parts of life that can be affected by the ongoing discomfort, fatigue, sleeplessness, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration is a changing sex drive.

It’s not that most Fibromyalgia patients don’t have the drive, but rather that pain makes it difficult to enjoy sexual encounters. Because this condition affects the muscles throughout the body, it can cause cramping and ceasing in the pelvic region during intercourse. Thus, the person cannot enjoy the act, because he or she is too busy processing pain signals. Doctors recommend a few steps be taken in order to reduce this sensation.

The first thing to do is to take into consideration all medications being used. Some decrease libido, which makes it more difficult to get into the mood anyway. It is also highly recommended that Fibromyalgia patients consider alternative medicines for pain management. Stress relief techniques, massage, acupuncture and even a simple daily warm bath can significantly reduce the cramping of muscles throughout the body. Finally, if you are suffering with this condition and find yourself having trouble maintaining a sexual appetite, don’t hesitate to talk to your partner. Together, you can come up with different positions that make it more comfortable and enjoyable for you. After all, sex, which increases endorphins, can actually be a great way to reduce pain levels.

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