Fatigued from Concussions or Concussion Examination?

An athlete is seated on the examination table after taking a big spill or being part of a collision while in play.

What is the concern? Concussion.

It is highly common for athletes to suffer head trauma during play. Unfortunately, there is a very real concern about the damage done during and shortly after the incident. Until recently, one of the warning signs taken most seriously when looking for any sign of a concussion was fatigue. If the athlete showed signs that he or she was growing suddenly tired, the likelihood of concussion was considered far greater.

However, in a recent study, it was discovered that fatigue is not such a great predictor of injury.

Penn State researchers found that mental fatigue was evident in healthy, highly active athletes after undergoing the extensive concussion testing. This symptom, which involves a feeling a sleepiness, lack of motivation, and a reduction in performance, was seen the majority of the participants after the approximately two-hour long test. This test is not unlike the standard form of testing for concussion, providing reason to doubt that fatigue is really a predictor of concussion at all.

Though the tests are tiring, any athlete who is suspected to have suffered a concussion should receive immediate medical attention and should be examined for any signs of trouble. If that person returns to play after suffering a concussion, and receives a second impact, even weeks after the initial injury, the results could be deadly.

For more information on the research, keep reading at here

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