Don’t Let Lower Back Pain Get You Down

Lower back pain can be debilitating and can cause you to skip work and personal life obligations, but you can find low back pain relief. Did you know that back pain is one of the most common reasons that people have to visit the doctor and miss work? Here are some alarming statistics from The Good Body:

You have options when it comes to relieving pain in low back. Keep reading to see how Interventional Pain Associates can help. 

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Back pain can happen suddenly, or it can slowly get worse over a period of time. Not only does this pain affect your back, but it can also affect your torso, hips, and/or legs. Common causes of back pain are often:

How to Treat Lower Back Pain

Dr. Saleemi and Interventional Pain Associates will develop an individualized treatment plan to help you find relief from your pain. When you come to your appointment, a complete assessment of your symptoms, health history, and goals will be conducted. Over-the-counter medication can help you relieve minor pain, but other pain management plans might be apart of your new treatment plan. 

We offer non-invasive treatment options to help you recover from back pain without the need of surgery. 

Though some doctors might suggest surgery is the best option for your pain, we recommend that you try non-surgical treatment methods for 6-12 months before deciding to go through with a surgical procedure or not. 

Can You Prevent Back Pain?

To a certain extent, you can prevent back pain by maintaining correct posture, lifting with your legs and not your back, and having a strong core. To keep your back healthy, the National Institute of Health says to be sure to:

You would rather prevent low back pain rather than try to treat it when it gets bad. Sticking to these tips will help you support your back – and your back support you. 

Get Relief with Interventional Pain Associates

Here at Interventional Pain Associates, we will work with you using non-invasive options to help you find relief from your low back pain without needing surgery. If you’re ready to recover from low back pain, request an appointment today or call us at (512)-795-7575. 

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