Chronic Pain Risk Increases After Auto Accidents

Chronic pain, defined as discomfort in both the upper and lower half of the body, or on both sides for a span of time of more than three months. Past studies have suggested that this sort of pain tends to get worse with age and is more commonly experienced by women. However, a new study is shedding light on yet another cause the discomfort known so well by the millions of chronic pain sufferers.

Published in the Arthritis Care and Research journal, this study examined the effects of certain traumatic events on the development of chronic pain syndromes. This included traffic accidents, surgery, fracture, hospitalization and childbirth. There were more than two thousand participants in the study, each of whom was surveyed regarding pain levels over a four year period. During that time, twelve percent reported the onset of chronic widespread pain. The two hundred-forty one reported incidence of onset were further explored and it was found that eighty-four of those were cases that followed auto accidents. While there were cases of surgery, childbirth, and other trauma, none seemed to be more frequent in the chronic pain sufferers than in those that reported no such development.

While the findings of this study are significant, there is the need for further research to determine what types of traffic accidents and related injuries lead to the ongoing discomfort. These sentiments were shared by the lead author of the study, Dr. Gareth Jones.

At Interventional Pain Associates, we work with chronic pain patients suffering from all types of illnesses and traumatic events.

For more information about this study, you can continue reading the news article.

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