Austin Rehab Facility Bans Smoking

For many addicts, the thought of giving up one drug is enough to cause a breakdown, but now, a Texas rehab center is asking more than that. Those who enter as drug addicts and smokers, will leave the center as neither (at least that is the goal).

More than three thousand people make their way to Austin Recovery, a nonprofit addiction treatment clinic, each year. Those who work to assist those individuals in reaching the goal of living drug free will now encourage them to give up tobacco as well. Smoking will no longer be allowed on the premises.

Though rehab centers in this state have banned smoking within the buildings, there has long been smoking on the grounds. The spokeswomen for this organizes urges that other centers in Texas consider following the trend set by New York and New Jersey treatment centers. She admits that officials at Austin Recovery are confident that the theory, stating that it is too much for a drug addict to quit smoking while detoxing, is only a myth. This statement comes despite the fact that approximately eighty percent of clients receiving treatment arrive with cigarettes in hand.

One of the reasons for the center’s sudden decision to overturn the on grounds smoking allowance was the nearly fifty thousand dollar grant offered by the Travis Country Health and Human Services Department.

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