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4 Ways to Boost Immunity During the Pandemic

If you want to help elevate your health, boost your immunity, and protect yourself the best you can from illness, Interventional Pain Associates can help. 

COVID-19 is a new respiratory illness that can cause fever, a cough, and difficulty breathing. With COVID-19 and the current global health pandemic, overall wellness is more important now than ever.

What is Wellness?

Wellness is a state of complete health. Overall wellness includes physical health, mental health, and social wellbeing. Wellness means more than just being free from illness, it means to pursue health in all aspects of your life. 

The Global Wellness Institute explains wellness is often confused with other terms such as health, wellbeing, and happiness. They say, “while there are common elements among them, wellness is distinguished by not referring to a static state of being (i.e., being happy, in good health, or a state of wellbeing). Rather, wellness is associated with an active process of being aware and making choices that lead toward an outcome of optimal holistic health and wellbeing.”

During this time in our world, everyone is stressed, anxious, and worried about their overall physical and mental health. 

Tips for Staying Healthy During the Pandemic 

If you are one of the many that are finding yourself to be in a state of anxiousness with everything happening around you, Dr. Saleemi and Interventional Pain Associates is here to help. Follow these tips to help keep your health and spirits high: 

1. Stay in touch with loved ones 

During this time, we find ourselves being isolated and distant from those we love and are used to seeing often. Take advantage of modern technology like FaceTime and social media to stay in constant contact with your family and friends. 

Be sure to ask how your loved ones are feeling during this time, and express your feelings as well. Staying honest to your emotions will help your mental health. When you take care of your mental health, you help reduce stress on your body. Stress on your body can compromise the immune system and make you more susceptible to getting sick. Stay active

2. Stay active

Since we should be staying inside most of the day, it can be easy to find ourselves forgoing physical activity. If you find that you are going a little stir crazy, it’s important to get off the couch and move your body. Though you don’t have access to the gym or your favorite exercise class right now, you can still get your body moving. You don’t have to overdo it, even just light activity will help boost your immunity. 

Science Daily explains that regular, moderate exercise can help increase your overall wellbeing. Exercises such as walking, running, or even riding a bike is recommended for at least 150 minutes a week.

3. Get outdoors

If you have a backyard or balcony, be sure you spend some time outside each day. Tying back into getting exercise, try getting outside on a walk each day – just be sure you’re practicing social distancing! Being outdoors helps your mental and physical health. The sunshine helps increase your immunity and can help with your mental state too. If you find you feel stir crazy, try getting outdoors for 30 minutes each day. 

Try IV therapy

Dr. Saleemi is a wellness physician who can help you with IV nutritional therapy. IV therapies can help boost brain power, fight aging, combat stress, and even help with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, fatigue, and chronic pain. Additionally, IV therapy can also boost immunity! If you think your body needs a little extra help with all that’s going on, call today about trying IV therapy. 

We also encourage you to always practice social distancing while going out during this health emergency, wearing a facial mask, and only going to public places like the grocery store when absolutely needed.

Focus on Wellness

We know this is a challenging time in everyone’s lives. Here at Interventional Pain Associates, we want to help you focus on your overall wellbeing and boost your immunity. Offering a number of wellness services, Dr. Saleemi and the team are here to help you during this difficult time. Make an appointment today by calling (512)-795-7575. 

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