10 Minute Massage to Ease Fibromyalgia Muscle Aches

Millions of people have recognized the medical worthiness of massage in recent years. The non-drug therapy provides athletes and those with chronic illnesses with an alternative way to reduce the discomfort associated with over-firing nerves, inflamed muscles, and aching joints.

Though few are going to argue that massage helps with the symptoms associated with chronic pain disorders, but researchers were interested in how far the therapy went in treating the underlying issues. It was discovered that it could actually reach the exact biochemical sensors responsible for reducing inflammation in the surrounding muscles. Essentially, the muscles recognize the stimulation of the massage as a signal to relax and the sensors within release biochemical signals that reduce the inflammation. Thus, the massage does not just feel good in the moment; it also relaxes the muscles, along for long-lasting relief.

In order to make these discoveries, the researchers followed eleven men as they underwent continued massage therapy after doing physical activity in a controlled setting. The first visit involved cycling for over an hour (until a point of exhaustion), for instance. The massages were just ten minutes long and done on just one of the legs. Though short, the treatment made a notable improvement in the muscle status.

This provides a lot of insight into massage therapy and why it is as effective as patients have long claimed. To read more about the study, visit the full story here

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