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  • Marsha P. AvatarMarsha P.

    5 star rating Dr Saleemi was a relieving experience. She spent over an hour with me looking over medical records and simply listening to MY history. She actually examined my areas of complaint. She was very helpful in trying to figure out a plan of action, as well as why I am in this condition to begin with!I highly recommend her and her staff. - 3/09/2019 

  • Mary R. AvatarMary R.

    dr. saleemi has kept me walking, living to the best of my potential. i credit her with living life to the fullest and as pain free as possible. my treatments are the high point of my life and have saved me from being in a wheelchair. - 2/22/2019 

  • January J. AvatarJanuary J.

    5 star rating I suffered from severe neck pain for two years before finding Dr.Saleemi. After a few treatments I am totally pain free. I call her a miracle worker. Her staff is knowledgeable , courteous and kind. I would highly recommend her. She has given me my life back. - 10/20/2018 

  • John S. AvatarJohn S.

    The emphasis here is on compassionate pain care based on the individual's needs. Dr. Saleemi listens to the patient and carefully explains what she is doing and why. All of the staff make you feel welcome. - 10/16/2013 

  • Melissa C. AvatarMelissa C.

    I owe everything to Dr. Saleemi. She is so unlike any other doctor I've seen. She is friendly, understanding and remarkably knowledgeable in a huge array of issues. She not only decreased my pain to a completely livable level, she is also treating my mother and daughter. When you have 3 generations of family seeing the... read more - 11/24/2014 

  • Joe S. AvatarJoe S.

    Dr. Saleemi is fantastic. She takes her time and listens. - 2/20/2019 

  • Dawn G. AvatarDawn G.

    I switched to Dr. Saleemi in December 2017. I have degenerative disc disease. 6 surgeries since 1999. Two neck, 2 back and 2 knee. I had been seeing my former pain doctor since 2013. In the first few visits with Dr. Saleemi we have talked about more options for me then I had any idea were available. We have... read more - 2/22/2019 

  • So W. AvatarSo W.

    I am a new patient, now established with Dr. Saleemi and she is an excellent clinician and very caring. She truly has the patient's best interest in mind. I have gone to two neurosurgeons and other doctors who were recommending surgery for my cervical pain due to the injuries I've sustained, and found this practice through my insurance... read more - 2/22/2019 

  • M. C. AvatarM. C.

    My experience with Dr. Saleemi has been wonderful. She is very caring and actually listens! Above all I've had great results with my back pain. Her office is a treat with a great relaxing atmosphere and very friendly people!I'm currently driving about five hours to reach her office because she is such a great doctor. I have referred two other... read more - 2/22/2019 

  • Ashley B. AvatarAshley B.

    There are not words to express my gratitude for the care Dr. Saleemi and her staff have given me. I had been in pain management before being referred to IPA. It was a terrible experience and I left. Because of that experience I was very nervous about going back into pain management. I was having major, reconstructive knee surgery and... read more - 7/11/2014 

About Dr. Saleemi

Dr. Sarosh Saleemi is a pain management specialist at Interventional Pain Associates in Austin, Texas. With a philosophy focused on compassionate, holistic care for each patient, she is invested in your well-being.

In 2009, Dr. Saleemi decided to make Austin, Texas her permanent home and established Interventional Pain Associates, where she specializes in different types of pain treatments and helping patients heal from acute and chronic conditions. She enjoys getting to know each patient and welcomes a two-way dialogue that helps individuals feel supported, understood, and cared for during treatment.

For years, Dr. Saleemi has been offering real solutions to individuals who deal with pain on a daily basis, helping them find lasting results that lead to a pain-free life. After completing her pain management fellowship from Louisiana State University, she accepted a position as an associate professor in pain management at the same university. Dr. Saleemi also completed her Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship at New York University and her Anesthesia Residency at Beth Israel Medical Center.

Dr. Saleemi obtained board certification in both Anesthesia and Pain management from the American Board of Anesthesia. She’s also a respected author of several publications and has co-authored studies on low back pain, fibromyalgia, botulinum toxin-A (Botox) injections, and predicting nerve root pathology on a neural scan.

She has presented at the American Society of Anesthesiology, the American Society of Pain Management, and the International Association for the Study of Pain. She is a Diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology in both Pain Management and Anesthesia.

We care about all patients at Interventional Pain Associates. If you have any questions about your insurance, please call the office to confirm for more details.

Latest Blogs

  • Great experience with both doctor and staff! Was able to improve my pain on both areas that I was experiencing the pain. The doctor explained to me in detail the processes that was needed to alleviate my pain areas! My quality of enjoying life more has improved since I started my care with Dr. Saleemi!

    Nicole Z. Avatar
    Nicole Z.
  • 5 star ratingI have seen Dr. Saleemi for the last few years. She is one of the finest doctors I've ever had. At most pain management offices you will see the physician assistant and the doctor only sees you for procedures. Dr. Saleemi meets you face to face every time. She listens to me when I have issues and takes excellent care... read more

    Karen K. Avatar
    Karen K.
  • I have never written a review before because, to be honest, I have never really put much credibility in reviews. However, I am hoping that by sharing my experience with Dr. Saleemi, someone else will be helped as much as I have been.
    I have had chronic pain for almost 14 years now. When my first pain...
    read more

    Cassie E. Avatar
    Cassie E.
  • I finally found a doctor that listens to me and genuinely cares and is compassionate about my experience. the staff does the best they can with my insurance and are really accommodating. dr. saleemi accurately diagnosed and treated my pain with respect and dignity. my pain is well treated. love this doctor's office and would reccomend to anyone!

    AC Avatar