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  • Brad B. AvatarBrad B.

    I cannot sing Dr. Saleemi's praises loudly enough. She's just wonderful. So happy to have found a pair of doctors (Dr. S along with Dr. Atencio) who are treating my neck and shoulder issues comprehensively and WITH RESULTS! Office staff is very helpful, friendly, and thorough. Definitely call and make an appointment if you're considering! - 5/22/2019 

  • Cassie E. AvatarCassie E.

    5 star rating I have never written a review before because, to be honest, I have never really put much credibility in reviews. However, I am hoping that by sharing my experience with Dr. Saleemi, someone else will be helped as much as I have been. I have had chronic pain for almost 14 years now. When my first pain... read more - 3/29/2015 

  • Webster R. AvatarWebster R.

    I've been a patient of Dr Saleemi's for seven years and her care has been excellent. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for pain management care. I actually sing her praises all the time! - 2/22/2019 

  • Jason B. AvatarJason B.

    I have had chronic back pain for 15+ years. I've gone to 3 it 4 different pain management doctors but have never found relief till IPA. I drive a bus for a living and recently injured my shoulder. I could not use my right arm at all. After months of suffering I had a PRP. Not gonna lie, it hurt... read more - 2/13/2020 

  • elaine d. Avatarelaine d.

    Dr. Saleemi was instrumental in helping me find a solution to my pain. I’ve been to many doctors and she was the only one that took the time to get to know me and she became invested in improving my health.

    She is extremely smart and really treats people with the greatest respect. Dr. Saleemi has the ability to...
    read more - 12/07/2019 

  • Randi L. AvatarRandi L.

    Dr. Saleemi & her staff are wonderful. I’m a new patient & changed from one of Austin’s larger pain management practices to Dr. Saleemi’s to receive a second opinion on my medical treatment. It was a great healthcare decision. Now I’m getting the one-on-one personal care & kindness the large practice & physician didn’t offer. - 2/11/2020 

  • Evelyn J. AvatarEvelyn J.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Saleemi for 7 years. I find Dr. Saleemi to be extremely knowledgeable regarding the treatment of her patients and their medical issues/concerns. She has helped me immensely through the years. For that reason, I continue to seek her services and guidance regardless of having moved over an hour out side of the... read more - 2/22/2019 

  • Joshua T. AvatarJoshua T.

    Love that Front Desk GUY, he is really good at his job - 2/22/2018 

  • Marsha P. AvatarMarsha P.

    5 star rating Dr Saleemi was a relieving experience. She spent over an hour with me looking over medical records and simply listening to MY history. She actually examined my areas of complaint. She was very helpful in trying to figure out a plan of action, as well as why I am in this condition to begin with!I highly recommend her and her staff. - 3/09/2019 

  • SWTmel 2. AvatarSWTmel 2.

    I have experienced pain that has been debilitating and taken away my quality of life. Thank goodness I found Dr. Saleemi. Not only is she very knowledgeable and professional, she uses the latest medical advances and takes a conservative approach. Most importantly, she has given me my quality of life back. Can't thank her enough! ... read more - 2/22/2019 

About Dr. Saleemi

Dr. Sarosh Saleemi is a pain management specialist at Interventional Pain Associates in Austin, Texas. With a philosophy focused on compassionate, holistic care for each patient, she is invested in your well-being.

In 2009, Dr. Saleemi decided to make Austin, Texas her permanent home and established Interventional Pain Associates, where she specializes in different types of pain treatments and helping patients heal from acute and chronic conditions. She enjoys getting to know each patient and welcomes a two-way dialogue that helps individuals feel supported, understood, and cared for during treatment.

For years, Dr. Saleemi has been offering real solutions to individuals who deal with pain on a daily basis, helping them find lasting results that lead to a pain-free life. After completing her pain management fellowship from Louisiana State University, she accepted a position as an associate professor in pain management at the same university. Dr. Saleemi also completed her Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship at New York University and her Anesthesia Residency at Beth Israel Medical Center.

Dr. Saleemi obtained board certification in both Anesthesia and Pain management from the American Board of Anesthesia. She’s also a respected author of several publications and has co-authored studies on low back pain, fibromyalgia, botulinum toxin-A (Botox) injections, and predicting nerve root pathology on a neural scan.

She has presented at the American Society of Anesthesiology, the American Society of Pain Management, and the International Association for the Study of Pain. She is a Diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology in both Pain Management and Anesthesia.

We care about all patients at Interventional Pain Associates. If you have any questions about your insurance, please call the office to confirm for more details.

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  • 5 star ratingI have seen Dr. Saleemi for the last few years. She is one of the finest doctors I've ever had. At most pain management offices you will see the physician assistant and the doctor only sees you for procedures. Dr. Saleemi meets you face to face every time. She listens to me when I have issues and takes excellent care... read more

    Karen K. Avatar
    Karen K.
  • 5 star ratingI used to have chronic headaches and was taking a lot of medication that really wasn't doing much to help. Dr.Saleemi helped me get rid of my excruciating headaches. I have never felt better! She truly cares about her patients and spends time with them which is definitely more than I can say about other places where I never... read more

    Farah K. Avatar
    Farah K.
  • 5 star ratingMy husband looked for over 20 years to find a doctor that could help his severe chronic back pain. He had given up..... and then I found Dr. Saleemi. She has helped him tremendously! We are so grateful for her. She has also helped us in figuring out other health related stuff that hubby has in which no other doctor... read more

    Cassie S. Avatar
    Cassie S.
  • 5 star ratingI call Dr. Saleemi my guardian angel. I had been in severe pain for more than 10 years. I had frequent visits to the ER in addition to hospitalizations and constant visits to a wide range of specialists. It was suggested to me that I try a pain management doctor by one of those specialists. I... read more

    Melissa C. Avatar
    Melissa C.