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Back Pain Worsened By Smoking

After years of the media, schools, and other outlets expressing the dangers of smoking, most people would suggest that tobacco causes cancer and respiratory illnesses. Unfortunately, there is a large percentage of the population still unaware of how cigarettes impact back health.

It has long been known that tobacco use can increase the likelihood of back pain and disc disease. However, more recent research is even suggesting that the habit of smoking decreases the likelihood that a back pain patient will find relief.

Nearly every adult living in this country will see a medical professional regarding back pain at some point during his or her life. However, not all will suffer with that pain chronically. Those that light up each day are more likely to suffer long term. That also means the need for treatment continues. Unfortunately, for those entering programs as smokers, the chances of finding a method of alleviating the pain are much smaller.

More than five thousand patients were followed in the study that led to these findings. All had been diagnosed with back or leg pain due to a spinal disorder and would be treated via surgical and non-surgical methods over an eight month period. Those that had never started or who had managed to kick their tobacco habits reported less pain then those still toting packs of cigarettes.

There is actually good news to be found in this study if you are a smoker and back pain sufferer. Even those patients who quit the habit during the eight month span reported better levels of improvement than those who didn’t.

Quit now, and you could finally find relief from your chronic pain. For additional help treating chronic back pain, visit our website or call our clinic to schedule an appointment.

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Myths About Back Pain

Back pain affects millions of people in this country alone. There are many assumptions that are made when a person first experiences the uncomfortable sensations and even as back pain becomes a chronic part of their lives.

Learning the truth about back pain can help you live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

First and foremost, do not fall for the idea that all pain indicates that the sufferer should lay down and rest. For acute back pain, rest may be recommended for a day or two, or even three, but long term activities, in most cases, can be continued. It is best to consult with a doctor, physical therapist, or other specialist regarding modifications that can be made to your normal activity levels, rather than resorting to full bed rest, which can cause stiffness and more discomfort.

You do not need to ‘live with it.’ Many sufferers reach the conclusion that back pain is a part of life and must simply be dealt with. When it is severe enough to interfere with your way of life, you should see a doctor and learn more about your options for potential cures or, at the very least, ways to make the pain more bearable.

Some individuals find it to be quite a surprise that they have sudden back pain. Just because you are in good shape, doesn’t mean you aren’t susceptible to injury – temporary or otherwise. Working the same muscles in the same way over and over again can actually make you more prone to aches, pains and real damage.

Finally, back pain does not dictate the need for surgery. There are many non-invasive ways to treat the discomfort and the cause of it. It is only a very small percentage – 15% or fewer – of back pain sufferers that require surgical treatment.

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